Wednesday, May 29, 2013

People! I am now officially a contributing member of society again. I know you we're all pretty worried about me living on the streets or having to sell off all my shoes. But all is well, I (finally) have another job!

And the first treat I'd like to spoil myself with are these bad boys!
(I know, I know. I WON'T. But I really really reallyreallyreally want them...)

Having a second job again means having the ability to put money aside and not living week to week (or day to day... o_o ) hellooo, could I avoid doing laundry just one more week in order to afford a cup of badly needed fancy coffee? Yes, these are the important decisions I make in my life. And yes, I can always go another week without clean long as I have socks.

It means that these next few months I should have more money coming in that going out, rather than having just enough to pay my bills
It means that, hopefully, my phone won't be sending me texts that my bank account is under a 3 digits.

And it means that my relationship can be equalized again. Because honestly, that poor kid feeds me, plays Driving Miss Tiffy, and makes sure I'm able to have a few cocktails on the reg... What a man... ;) 

In the meantime to avoid spending what little money I have, I've been drinking wine from Trader Joe's and baking donuts. SO.MANY.DONUTS! 
I was apparently wearing my "I can do anything" big girl pants the other week, when I agreed to cater a sweets table for a wedding. With 200 guests. GULP. 

On one hand, I'm more excited than a pig in mud! My first job to bake for people that aren't my friends and family! People that aren't obligated to 'Ooo' and 'Ahh' and make yummy noises. Wooo weeee!
On the other hand, what the frogs was I thinking? I'm an amateur baker with an ego at best. 

Anyway, the game plan is to put my head down and just be the donut lady. Easy peasy ;)

For your viewing pleasure!!

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