Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm ALIVEEEE (to the handful of people that read this and I don't talk to regularly..)

(I'm trying...every day I'm trying...)

It's been a month since I've been here! Oooo weeee!
I'm not being a great blogger and I am NOT being a great money saver. (In my defense, it is prettyyy tough to even think about saving money when practically every penny coming in is going out to totally awful, boring things like rent, bills, groceries, and a weekly bottle of wine...)

But here I am, letting you guys know that I'm alive...and Ba-ba-ba-broke.

Things I've run out of this month and REALLY don't feel like spending the coins to restock:
Face Moisturizer
Nail polish remover (soon...)
Aluminum foil

And I'm scrapping the bottom of my face powder...bah!

I do have some frugal DIY projects in the works...just as soon as my fickle mind can freaking sort through my priorities for, like, a sec!
I'm trying not to abandon this Spending Fast completely...but I think I warned you about my lack of commitment to...pretty much everything.

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