Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy NYE!

It is New Years Eve day... and rather than going out to eat and shopping and buying my last fancy coffee before it becomes criminal, I'm working. (Ok, I did go out and buy a fancy latte...and I savored it like they were the last espresso beans that ever existed.)

AND making a list of all the things that made 2012 really great.

1. My ManFriend. He's great. And handsome. And smart. And a laundry list of other positive adjectives. Plus he puts up with me, so that pretty much makes him a saint.

2. Donuts. We've had a great love affair this year. They're my new investment. And they are the reason I've put on an additional 5lbs of love.

3. Social media. Pinterest for my Martha Stewart habits, Instagram for when I'm feeling like Steven Meisel, and Printstagram for when I need to hold my work in my hands! (You know, in the real, non-Internet world.) 

4. I have the cutest job in the world. I dare anyone to find a cuter trio of siblings. I am so grateful that these are the people I get to spend my days with. So very grateful.

5. I seriously love taking the bus to get around. Is that strange? I hate driving and parking and the upkeep of being a car owner. The bus is easy and fun and I can read in transit :)

6. Searching new fonts online has become a new hobby for me. Why didn't I know this world existed before now?! It's so much fun! (And usually free!)

7. A tall person can lay down on my studio floor and touch wall to wall. But I love this charming abode; with it's step up into the bathroom, high ceilings, and 1 drafty half window. It's my own little chilly cave covered floor to ceiling in art and books and shoes.

8. Coffee. Either really hot or extra ice. I like 7-11 coffee as much as I adore Intelligentsia. 

9. Crochet projects. It's a skill I learned the basics from my grandma when I was very young, but kind of fell to the wayside until this year. This year I made so many gifts. I'm really proud to be able to give people something that I worked hard on.

10. Snail mail. From birth announcements and Christmas cards to Stylemint purchases, my doorman had his hands full with the amount of lovely mail I got this year.

11. My mom and sister keep my look fresh :) It sounds vain, but I'm so appreciative of them for doing my hair and for no charge. I see how much ladies spend to get their hair done, and if I had to pay for it I'd definitely still be a brunette! 

12. My friends and family. They are the glue that keeps me together and the support that let's me sparkle and shine. (That was a stretch of a metaphor, but I didn't have a picture of ALL my friends and family!) 

Here's to a fantastic 2013!

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