Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Stuff!

T-minus 2 days until "Operation Spending Fast" is set to take place...and I am in a PANIC!

During a last minute grocery shopping trip (to Aldi, no less ;) ) it suddenly sunk in. No more perusing the make-up aisle at CVS, no more peeking into the Home Goods store, absolutely no reason to be browsing flash sale sites, Amazon, or Etsy.

I'm not prepared for this.

SO I did what any other All-American girl in my position would do. I went over Target with a fine tooth comb. I left no aisle unturned. (You never no what little treasures one could find among the sporting goods, right?)

Here's the (short) list of things that I bought while breathing heavily into a paper bag...(a little dramatic, maybe. But not so far off from the truth!)

This film scanner. I've been needing a scanner for a while. I really have. And this one had great reviews for a decent price. And now I can stop taking advantage of my friend Alec every time I need a roll or 6 scanned. (Even if he was being paid off in delicious homemade donuts :) )

I NEEDED this cute date book. It was on my Christmas list, but apparently people don't seem to understand the joy really lovely paper products bring to me. 

I had been using a $3.00 18 month Barbie day-planner for the past year, which served it's purpose just fine (recording how much money I take in/spend daily and my work schedule) and it fit perfectly in any handbag. This new one cost 5x as much and fits of my handbags. But I love it nonetheless! 

Because when is more chapstick ever a crime?

Ok, I just needed something pretty to hold me over. It has horses on it...and a bow. SOLD.

I also purchased new nail color of the Kardashian sort because it was 50% off (you will begin to see this as a pattern) and I knew I'd probablyyy want a new polish sometime this month anyway! 

During this blur of a spree, I bought 2 packs of eyeliner and mascara because they were also on sale. But in my crazy person frenzy, I didn't realize that they were BROWN-BLACK instead of blackest black! I didn't think to look for the color because it didn't occur to me that people would even wear something other than blackest black. What would I possibly do with TWO brown-black mascaras and TWO brown-black eyeliners?!

Anyway, after I cursed myself for being an idiot and wasting money before this project could even get underway, I actually tried my new beauty products. And I low and behold, I liked the results! Much softer than I'm used to, but definitely a happy little accident. 

Now that I've exhausted my poor VISA, it's time to me to lose it and order a new one (or not.) 
How else does one forget that dang memorized number?

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