Saturday, December 29, 2012

I should mention that this Spending Fast project is two-fold.
Not spending money to pay off debt is important to me. Very important.

But so is living more simply. Enjoying life (without so much STUFF) and the people I share it with (without the burden of having to spending cash to spend time together!)

Even after downsizing from a one bedroom apartment with 3 big closets and ample storage to my charming little studio with it's one.tiny.little.closet and no usable storage space to speak of, I still have more stuff than I know what to do with. My drawers are at capacity, under the bed is overflowing tupperware containers, and I can't close the closet door without using all my body weight..

And, sadly, I can count the number of times I've "entertained" on one hand. ( I use the word "entertained" loosely, because in order to actually have people over for a meal we have to picnic on my floor...and if we're just hanging out, it has to be on my bed watching my 13 in. television. or listening to music on my Macbook... Really, I may as well live in a dorm.)

So! In addition to using "eat more cake" as a forum to share my journey (journey? really? bring on the cheese...), struggle, and most importantly, successes out of debt, I'm also using this as a platform to display all the simple (see: cheap, inexpensive, free) pleasures that I'll be paying more attention to and photographing!

I'm assuming most of the images I'll be sharing will be of babies and food. But who knows, I could surprise myself! This is, after all, a growing process.

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