Monday, March 25, 2013

Whoops! (unintentional 2 week hiatus)

I'm the worst. Sorry! I have not abandoned you all! I have, however, accidentally abandoned my Fast, my diet, the gym, and any sort of routine I had for the past two weeks! EEP!
But I'm back, so you can all relax :)

In case you were wondering, Las Vegas is not the spot to go if are trying not to spend money. I repeat. STAY AWAY FROM VEGAS.

Now, this vacation was planned long before my Spending Fast was even a thought in my head. My brother was turning 21 and our family always celebrates the big 2-1 with a trip to Sin City! So I saved a few hundred bucks figuring that should be enough cash to avoid a trip to the ATM.

Oh, boy was I wrong. I spent more than double what I had planned. I felt like a dog that had been let off her leash for the first time! Seriously, out of control...

I bought:
... A million drinks + A million coffees= An empty wallet and heartburn
... So many (unnecessary) rounds of shots
... Cute (and sparkly) sandals so I'd stop whining about my aching feet
... 2 buffet dinners (that's 2 more than anyone needs to eat in one weekend!)
... Big, sugary, colorful drinks that have hangover written all over them
... Candy...whhyyy
... Gambling... (I don't even like to gamble because I don't enjoy the feeling of handing my money over and receiving nothing in return. I may as well just throw 20's into the wind. But I just had a feeeeeeling this time :/ )

So, even though there are a few days left of the month, I can say with 97% certainty that I will be writing ZERO in the "Saved" column of my March spreadsheet.

my sister and I with the p's minus the birthday boy. 

Happy birthday, little bro! Hope you had a great time...even if you don't remember most of it!

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