Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 61: Month 2 COMPLETE!

So! The results for February are in!

This month I saved
$581.74 !!
*happy dance*

February was a tough month. Like, a REALLY tough month. As I mentioned before, there are so many birthday celebrations and Valentine's Day...and it was easy to let the rules fall by the wayside. Especially when wandering through the dollar store and around every turn is something sparkly or covered in chocolate.

If I'm being honest, with myself and you, I was pretty loose with the guidelines.
I took almost $70 in cabs...and only one of those trips was actually necessary. I went to the bar, a few times. And I signed up for an expensive gym.

Anyway, with the saved money, I'll be paying an additional hundred dollars to my credit card which has the highest interest rate of all my loans. Rather than make an additional payment to my student loans this month, I need to set some money aside until I find myself another second job.

Until someone decides that paying me to socialize and eat donuts and blog from about 11am-2pm everyday will be beneficial to their business, I need to stash some emergency cash for a bit.

If anyone hears of any job descriptions that know where to reach me..

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