Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 33: DIY Presents

As I mentioned, February begins BIRTHDAY SEASON!  (Ok, technically birthday season starts on Jan. 30th with my ma's...)
AND Valentine's Day...which is a cheesy holiday that only elementary school kids should care about, but we still usually exchange a little something between girlfriends and my sister.
Not to mention the baby shower I attended today...

Every week is a celebration! Booze and food and laughs and hugs. It's so much fun...but the cost of these events add up quickly!

After a discussion with my sister, I'm wondering if I should put aside some money this month as sort of a "Party Fund." I can't miss out on 2 of my good friends birthdays because I refuse to spend money and then expect them to come out for mine...and in that same vein, what about gifts!?

I enjoy making presents. It's's's cost effective! Win-win-win!
I've got plans in the works! A 4-layer cake and homemade candies for Valentine's, artwork for one's new home, crocheted head pieces and blankies for the new babies, a new clutch that I swapped for at BISTM ...for my mom, I repurposed a rust colored cardigan I purchased ages ago and never wore. I added leopard print elbow patches to spice up the sweater :) (Clearly, I'm addicted to Pinterest...)

Plus! Some of my favorite gifts that I've received have been handmade! Fantastic tile coasters, a decorated memento box, and a framed drawing of myself as Alice in Wonderland! Things that my friends knew I would really love...

So what do you think? Are homemade/repurposed gifts just super lame?

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