Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 49!

Can I vent for a sec? Yeah? Thanks!

SO, in January I switched electricity provider's to one that is more cost-effective. Because, well, duh. Wouldn't you?
And then, these past two months I've been living like a little Eskimo girl in my apartment to cut costs on my electricity bill.
Seriously. I've been going to sleep wearing thermal underwear, two pairs of socks, a scarf, and sometimes (ok, MOST nights) a hat. It's prettayprettay sexy.
Or I stay over at my manfriend's house where I trade my lack of heat for his stinky bachelor's pad. Sigh...

keeping warm in my newly crocheted pompom hat!

Yet somehow my bill last month showed that I used 911 kilowatts of electricity in my < 400 sq ft apartment! And this month I was even more conscious of my electricity usage than I was in January...and I still somehow used over 750 kilowatts. (This is roughly the amount a small business would use for a month.)

I'm just baffled. And frustrated. And COLD!
Anyone have any suggestions? I realize that it's only logical that my bill would be higher in the winter months, but it has nearly doubled from December to January.

rant over

Anyway! Everyone keep your peepers open for a link to my new Etsy shop in the next week or so! I'm so excited to be able to share my new custom made crocheted accessories!

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