Tuesday, February 12, 2013


See this adorable little girl below with the sweet fashion sense?

That's me! And she turned 2-7 years old today! An uneventful age, I agree...but celebrating, getting presents, and eating cake will always be fun to me, no matter what my age!

 Anyhoot! I had a lovely birthday dinner with my family on Sunday night where I was spoiled like crazy! (Hellooo, the ever important boots I mentioned earlier! A plant that I can't kill...and isn't plastic. AND a Target giftcard! They know how to read a wishlist! ;) )

Today I tried my best to behave! But it IS my birthday, damnit. I bought a fancy coffee after the gym -Sidenote: after the gym I spent the rest of the day curled up with my guy because I got my ass handed to me in class. I feel like I turned NINETY seven today! 

 ...and spent 17 bucks at the bar. I wrote it down in my book...but I may choose to overlook it at the end of the month...
Due to the birthday law.
That's a thing, right?

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