Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 42

Hi. Tomorrow's my birthday! I'm usually a BIG birthday person. I get super jazzed on celebrating! I plan about a month of time, I have a wishlist a mile long, and I eat a lot of cake.

This year I'm slacking. I JUST made plans for a birthday brunch for this Sunday (and I'm really really excited about a laid back, inexpensive day in. With mimosa's. And friends. And french toast.)
I asked my mom for a gift card and my manfriend for a plant (whattt?! who am I?)

Maybe I'm less enthusiastic about my own day this year because the thought of other people having to spend dough on me gives me a bad case of guilt-gut? Hmm..

here's a short list of things I would like if my family and friends were billionaires

. Upwardly Mobile Satchel
. Nike Eclipse Leopard Sneakers
. Glass Coffee beans Pot 
. Leopard Print Eyeglasses
. These 2 fantastic Prints by Rococco-LA

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