Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 39: Working on my Fitness!

In my 26th year of life, I rarely workout (also see: never workout), I hate my medial serving job, and I gained about 7 pounds eating so much fried, delicious crap. 

But, my friends, times they are a'changin! 

I'm about to be 2-7. And in addition to recently losing said job (sidenote: probably the best thing for a girls self-esteem is to work for a couple of balding 50-something year old men on a power trip. they're pathetic.), I also plan on getting rid of those pesky 7 pounds! 

In my original Needs vs Wants list, I didn't include fitness. 
1. I have running shoes and access to sidewalks.
2. I own the Insanity dvd's! At the moment the set is just collecting dust.

But now my lack of motivation needs just a little push. Those free exercises aren't cutting it. So after thinking it over for approximately .5 seconds, I handed over my credit card and am now a member of the most girlie gym I've ever seen. 
Everything is hot pink, their manicurist worked for Oprah, you can sip on martinis after you get your sweat on, and it has classes that promise to kick my ass. 

I know, I know. Why didn't I join the Y or some other gym that costs just 20 bucks a month?
I don't have a good reason, I just didn't. I'm using the fact that I have to pay more as a motivating factor not to blow off the gym. Also, I probably will spend less time and money elsewhere if I'm working out! Probably....right?

Anyway, taking care of ones self is important! It's one thing I most certainly can afford. 

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