Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2 Week Check-in!

It's really easy to save money! ...Er....if you're ok with being anti-social, never leaving the house, and you wear all your clothes until they're rags.

I have to admit, I did slip a bit this week! I purchased a coffee from a coffee shop so I could use their internet and I rented a zipcar instead of taking the train. Somehow 20 degree Chicago weather is so much colder when you have to take public transportation!

Here's a few things I did this week to cut costs:

1. Cancelled my Netflix subscription.

2. Cancelled Weight Watchers online (There are so many free apps to utilize!)

3. Dyed my black pants blacker (So they look new without BEING new.)

4. Brought laundry to my parent's house (Thanks mom!)

5. Walked a mile and a half home when the bus stopped running last night instead of hailing a cab.

7. Returned a pair of boots (and didn't even look around the store.)

8. Wore a shirt from the back of my closet that I hate. (Laundry day is never ending.)

9. I may have taken advantage of the Manfriend and his brother's generosity.

10. AND last but not least! Listened to this. On repeat!

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