Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 17

Look who got herself a library card! Free books/dvds/knowledge, heck yea.

Finding new ways to save dough has become kind of a game for me! How many different ways can I mix my lipsticks to create new colors so I don't need to buy more? Or could I water down my conditioner just ONCE more to stretch it's life..?

What kind of tricks do you have to make your money do more for you?


  1. Setting the delay button on my coffee maker helps me skip picking up coffee on the way to work because its already made when i wake up! And making sure i always have delicious coffee creamer. And of course you know how i feel about the dollar store.

    1. That's smart about the coffee maker. Mine's not fancy like that, but I suppose I'd be more likely to remember to make coffee if I already set up the filter and grounds the night before!