Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 21: DIY Coffee Sweetener

We are 3 weeks in today and I've surprisingly not run out of food or coffee yet!
I've been making a real effort to make meals out of whatever I already have in the house. They're usually missing a side dish and are mostly veggies thrown into a stirfry, but are still filling!

I also seem to waste a lot of coffee. I'm sure most of you who live solo can relate. I make a pot, have a cup or 2, then the rest goes down the drain. I started putting the excess in a pitcher and sticking it in the fridge to have iced coffee in the morning, but the result was kind of weak.

Solution: Double brewing my leftover java! Pour the extra coffee back into the machine, grab another filter and fresh scoop of coffee , and voila! A cup'a Joe that'll put hair on your chest.
Here's a quick recipe for a DIY sweetener that'll make your at home coffee taste a little fancier. On a dime :)

Almond Coffee Syrup (recipe adapted from
2 cups water
2 cups sugar
1/2 tsp almond extract
Splash of vanilla extract

Heat water and sugar until completely dissolved. Add extract(s). Use a funnel to pour into whatever bottle you choose (I used a leftover wine bottle!) Your syrup can be kept in the fridge or left out on the counter.

Next time I'm going to omit the vanilla and add a small tsp of Nutella to make an Almond Roca syrup. After I collect a few more empty bottles, of course ;)

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