Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh, baby!

This Monday, my old friend, Tom, and his lovely wife, Kaitie, welcomed their first child into the world! YAY!

Back in November I had big plans to make them a sweet "gender neutral" crib blanket as well as a few lovie blankies. Little did I know, this blanket was going to take me roughly 100 hours to make(!) the lovie idea kindaaa fell to the wayside.

As far as cost is concerned, this project was very inexpensive. In addition to hoarding cupcake liners, I also (luckily) collect skeins of yarn!
So total I spent $10.73 (for shipping) on this gift. Plus all the time and love put into it! Which, of course, is priceless! :)

Here are a few DIY (cost effective) baby gifts for the baby boomers in your life!

Crochet/knit baby blanket/lovies/wash cloths There are so many cute (and free) patterns online these days! And if this is a skill you haven't picked up yet, check out Youtube. There are hundreds of great tutorial videos for beginners!

No-Sew fleece blankies

Custom made onsies Buy a few packages of inexpensive white onsies in different sizes and dye them bright colors (which are difficult to find!) Or use Monthly Iron-on numbers and make a cute "Watch me Grow" set!

Baby Leggings I love little chubby baby legs in leggings! Boy, girl...I don't care! They are adorable. Here's a super easy tutorial, you can buy scrap fabric or use anything you have laying around the house. You'll want to make dozens, I swear!

Nursery Decor I love homemade art that doesn't LOOK homemade. Here's an Alphabet Art tutorial (total savings about $290! EEP!) and a tutorial for the sweetest baby room garland.

The CUTEST Growth Chart tutorial. It will cost you less than 10 bucks and be used for their whole childhood!

Make freezer meals When making your own meals for the week, just double the recipe! Put it in labeled tupperware with cooking directions taped to the lid.

Offer to take baby for a evening (or weekend!) Don't underestimate the value of your time! The new Mom and Dad will absolutely appreciate having an evening to themselves. Even if it's 3 months down the road...and even if they use it just to sleep!

Sure, many of these items can easily be bought at the store. But they're much less expensive and more personal if you make them yourself!

What do you think? Are homemade baby gifts just being cheap? Or are they thoughtful?

((Welcome, baby Emery! We are so happy that you are here!))

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