Monday, January 7, 2013

One Week in...

And here I am sitting at a STARBUCKS. I'm WEAK!

Here was my internal dialogue after noticing my Internet is down at home today.

Frustrated Tiffany: Gah :curses Internet company: where can I use WIFI for free?
Illogical Tiffany: Just walk over to Starbucks, it'll cost you 3 bucks TOPS.
Responsible Tiffany: That's $3 more than I want to spend. Let's take the bus down to Nordstrom to use theirs.
Irresponsible Tiffany: It's so far and COLD. Plus Day 7 is way too soon to be window shopping. We could visit with Ashley at the bar and use their Internet.
Smarty pants Tiffany: You know you'll end up ordering food, then drinks, then before you know it, you'll be 20 dollars in the hole.
Bad Tiffany: Save yourself the frustration. Just go to Starbucks.

Bad Tiffany is quite convincing.

BUT somehow the universe got together and wanted to help me out! After I ordered my black blonde roast, the barista very apologetically informed me that they had to brew a new batch and this cup was on the house. (I did tip her, of course. I'd rather be poor than cheap.)

Thanks, Universe. I owe you one.

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