Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 18- BISTM!

There are two "simple" formulas to saving cash. You can Cut Back or Make More Money

I've already Cut Back significantly (and I've almost completely stopped having cold sweats every time I pass by that dang Urban Outfitters SALE sign. baby steps.) 

So that leaves me scheming up ways to Make More Money. 
Okk, realistically, I could take on more hours at the bar I work at one night a week at, but frankly, that job makes me dislike people. Reallyreally dislike people. I think it's more important to save my sanity and be a more pleasant person than to be grouchy and rich. I'm sure we can all agree on that. Especially my poor manfriend who puts up with my ridiculousness.

You know that saying, "He's a jack of all trades, master of none."? 
Well, I'm Jack. Nice to meetcha.

Here's my brainstorm sesh:

-I could apply to photograph every wedding listed on Craigslist in the Chicago-land area. But apparently the going rate for a craft I paid many thousands of dollars to develop is...well, it's under appreciated, at best.

-I looked into selling my eggs (yes, really.) Apparently, I'm not that marketable. Maybe I'd do better at a face-to-face interview?

-I did some research on selling old electronics. I have so many old phones/cameras and it seems weird to just toss them. I'm not sure auction sites like Ebay will really be worth the work of posting them, but there are sites like Gazelle that will purchase my old pink Razr for a few bucks (and no shipping charge.)

-I've considered setting up an Etsy shop to sell some of the items I've been making/crocheting. 

would you buy any of these for yourself or as gifts?

-I thought about selling some old clothes to Plato's Closet or another resale shop. Until I came across Because I Shop Too Much. It's essentially an online Plato's Closet run by two local Chicago girls. 

It's so easy! 
I go through my own closet and dresser every season and donate things I haven't worn in a while. That means at LEAST 4 times a year I'm getting rid of clothes/shoes/old jewelry. Some things still have tags on them (for shame.) 

You start by setting up your own closet. Take a quick snapshot of the (gently used) items and post them with the prices that you've set. (Please just donate anything that has been a little tooo "loved".) You can order free boxes from the post office. (Did you know that?!) Package up the purchased items with a friendly thank you note and send them off! Done and done.

Check out my BISTM closet today!

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