Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 28: Run, Forest, run!

Leaving work Friday night, my boss very sweetly asked me if I was interested in training with her and the other nanny that works for them.
For what, you ask? For the Chicago Marathon, of course.

And being the charming person that I am, I promptly responded by laughing in her face. 

Listen, lady. I don't even like running for the bus (ask my guy, he loves to tell anyone who will listen about my lack of hustle.) I don't know what would give her the idea that I have the ability to run 26.2 miles! 

Yes, I wear a lot of yoga the ILLUSION of a person that works out.
Yes, I did run ( two 5k's this summer. 
And, yes, I do have the basic knowledge of how to get in shape. 

However, I have absolutely no self discipline. I don't enjoy running. And I really like eating. Especially cheese. Ok, MOSTLY cheese.

SO, that being said, I'm going to try to train for a HALF marathon this summer. 

1. Running is freefreefree. 
2. My boss gave me custom NikeID running shoes for Christmas. (seriously, are they awesome or what?)
3. My sister pointed out that as I'm training, I'd be RUNNING past stores rather than strolling aka window shopping.
4. Why not?! I'm young, I have no physical reasons holding me back, and, frankly, it'd just be cool to say I DID IT!

(Laurel and I after my first 5k. I'm probably in that super hero stance because I'm so proud to have lived through the experience!)

Now that I've made my SECOND public declaration this month, who is going to be the person waking my butt up in the morning and strapping my new shoes on for me?? Anyone...? ;)


  1. Loving your blog Ms. Tiffany! I applaud your money saving plan...I too am trying a "no frivolous shopping" lifestyle and i did pretty well in the month of january, but i kid you not when I say I'm having's a problem!

    And Nike running shoes are AMAZING, i just got a new pair of nike free's and they're so colorful...i've started to enjoy running because I sit at a computer all day long for work so the time alone with my music is helpful, but i still can't seem to manage morning workouts, 5 alarms and all :)


    1. Thank you so much! I had to record all this info somewhere, so I could hold myself accountable in some capacity. A blog seems to be the best forum!

      I totally get the urges! Sometimes I feel these pangs in my heart and some serious anxiety...I'd say mines an issue as well :)

      Gah! 5am!? Maybe I should be using use as my butt kicker when it's time to workout!