Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 31: Level ONE Complete!

I did it! This has probably been the longest month of my life, but seriously, who's excited!? I'M excited!
I definitely had some minor slip ups this month...but I'm very happy to report my results.

For the month of January, I have saved
::drum roll please::

What the what!

It's more than I would have ever imagined...mostly because I wasn't expecting to make it into the second week, let alone all month long!

This money is being used to make an additional $409.88 payment towards a student loan. 
Also, I'll make a $100 payment to my aunt who loaned me money for a car (so long ago. it's embarrassing.)

I'm making a $300 payment towards my credit card this month, however that money will not be coming out of these savings. 
I've been throwing ALL of my change into a big plastic jar for the past year and calling it my "Vegas Fund." We're taking a trip to Las Vegas in March for my brother's 21st birthday and since vacations don't fit into the Fast, I intend of using just the collected money to pay my way.
I had to put my plane ticket on my credit card (MAN it's expensive to try to be a jetsetter..) Now that the jar is full, I'll cash it in, pay off the tickets, and put the rest into savings until March!

Let's go ahead and address some things that need to be worked on in February (also known as the never ending birthday month.)

-I feel like I can spend probably half the amount I spent on groceries this month. So I'm going to take an envelope and stick 45 dollars in it tomorrow and that's what I have for February's food budget.

-I don't have cable, so I'm going to just cancel my internet connection. I can use the internet at work or use my phone if I need to. That'll save me $52.55/month.

-I spent a total of $5.41 on Starbucks this month. Next month it will be zero. (We all have moments of weakness, people!)

-Somehow, my miscellaneous column is a whopping $161.43! Not.good. That includes a Zipcar rental, a new pair of glasses, postage costs, my photography website, and BEER. Did I really need to buy 2 six-packs of fancy beer for my man's birthday?! It felt necessary in the moment... SIGH.

Anyway! I'm really looking forward to this next month. Hopefully it'll suck a little bit less than January!

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