Friday, January 4, 2013


After a quick trip to pick up some food for the weekend, I'm feeling quite proud of myself.

Picture this:
I'm pushing a crabby toddler in a stroller while dragging two 3 year olds through a crowded grocery store at lightning speed saying, "Please stop touching. Please stop touching. Boys, I won't tell you again, PLEASE stop touching."

I've got exactly $23 dollars in my wallet and that's all I have to spend on meal food, not treats or snacks. (The old Tiffany would have just taken out her debit card without a care in the world.)

After gathering all my necessities and making my calculations, I see a 12 pack of toliet paper for $4 bucks (over half off!) Plus a 12 pack could last me almost 3 months! Seeing as with all my sale items and my store loyalty card, I thought we might just make it under par.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. It was about a buck fifty over. And with jussst a glimmer of hesitation, I grab a box of frozen pasta and

We have to celebrate the small wins, people.

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